Product Quality
Unlike standard autogas types, Aygaz Autogas provides the highest comfort and performance all year long due to its advanced formula. With the detergent effect achieved with this formula, Aygaz Autogas burns off and eliminates contaminants before they can accumulate on any of the parts in the LPG system. The benefits Aygaz Autogas delivers to consumers have been proven with tests conducted at independent laboratories under the supervision of ITÜ OTAM (Istanbul Technical University Automotive Technology R&D Center).
Powerful cleaning effect:
Engine and LPG system stay clean
Unrivaled performance:
Acceleration increase of more than 3%
Lower fuel consumption:
Fuel consumption decrease of more than 3%
Long engine life:
Decreased wear
Low maintenance costs:
More durable LPG system parts
More eco-friendly:
Reduction in emission values
Aygaz Autogas For Winter :
In order to deliver the same level of comfort and performance as summer at cooler winter temperatures, Aygaz Autogas changes its formula specifically for winter. As a result, the problems during start-up and the vibration that occurs at idle due to cold weather is prevented, ensuring that you get the most from your vehicle.