Aygaz Library

The “Aygaz Library” project aims to remind people of Turkey’s rich historical and cultural heritage and to preserve it for future generations. Since 1996, 14 books have been published as part of the project, which seeks to reach booklovers, art lovers, researchers, and the nation’s youth. The Aygaz Library includes books on different topics ranging from history to archeology.

Works in the Aygaz Library include the following: Nemrut – The Mountain of the Gods (Tanrılar Dağı Nemrut), Istanbul Photographers (Dersaadetin Fotoğrafçıları), The Treasures of Troy (Troia Hazineleri), The First Year of the Second Constitutionalist Period (II. Meşrutiyetin İlk Yılı), Dynasty and Camera (Hanedan ve Kamera), Kat’ı: Paper Quilling and Artists in the Ottoman World (Kat’ı: Osmanlı Dünyasında Kağıt Oyma Sanatı ve Sanatçıları).

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The History of Ottoman Diplomacy A large part of the History of Ottoman Diplomacy Project entails collecting and publishing documents and supplementary information from the Ottoman archives. Also included are the notes and diaries of diplomats who served in İstanbul.