Climate Change Strategy

Aygaz regards climate change as a serious risk, which might lead to environmental and socio-economic consequences.

The Company aims to be a pioneer in product and service development and delivery processes within the scope of sustainability principles and to implement and improve environmental and energy management systems.

The projects carried out for this purpose are ongoing in coordination with all relevant parties.

Aygaz has prepared the Climate Change Strategy with the aim of contributing to the global efforts to reduce the impacts of climate change within its own particular conditions and means.

In line with this strategy, Aygaz will:

• Continue its operations by considering and minimizing its possible environmental impacts.
• Continue to organize activities and trainings to contribute to the awareness of the employees and the community.
• Carry out innovative activities to develop new business areas and business models, considering factors related to climate change in R&D activities in particular.
• Lead the industry for the introduction of legal regulations and standards environmental management issues, especially in combating climate change, and cooperate with NGOs and related platforms for this purpose.
• Promote and prioritize using energy efficient technologies in line with sustainability principles.
• Continue to carry out activities to raise awareness among potential and existing consumers about the environmental attributes of autogas compared to other fuel types.
• Define and implement Green Procurement criteria.
• Work to raise awareness about climate change among the public and consumers and promote using LPG more.