Diabetic Children’s Camp

Diabetic Children’s Camp, supported by Aygaz since 2004, is one of Turkey’s first health camps dedicated solely to children. The camp’s objective is to teach diabetic children to be self-sufficient while having fun and making new friends.

The Association of Diabetic Children and Adolescents has been organizing educational and holistic activities aimed at diabetic children and their families for 12 years. One of the association’s most important events, which serve to bring diabetic children together, is the Diabetic Children's Camp held every year in June with the support of Aygaz. The camp can be attended free of charge by diabetic children between the ages of 8 and 18 and includes doctors, dieticians, sports trainers, psychiatrists and psychologists among its staff.

As part of the camp activities, around 100 diabetic children are educated on a wide range of topics, including the causes of hypo and hyperglycemia, clinical findings, precautionary measures, blood tests for glucose and ketone, insulin types, injection techniques, sports and exercise habits, sports tips, proper nutrition and complications and how to avoid them. Follow-up criteria and the importance of monitoring are explained in theory and practice, and the children are also provided information on the psycho-social aspects of diabetes. In addition to being educated on diabetes, children also participate in art and sporting activities.