Integrated Management Systems Policy

Aygaz carries out all activities in its fields of operation and LPG in particular in accordance with the Objectives and Principles of the Koç Group and adopts the following as its main policies:

  • Being a pioneering and innovative company in the industry,
  • Prioritizing high quality and safety standards, offering the best products and services,
  • Upholding ethical values,
  • Working in compliance with regulations and standards,
  • Seizing strategic growth opportunities,
  • Ensuring that work processes are managed efficiently and developed continuously,
  • Prioritizing customer perception, sustainable customer satisfaction and loyalty and offering applicable solutions for customer complaints with the Customer Complaints Management Commitment,
  • Ensuring and improving optimal stakeholder satisfaction in accordance with corporate governance principles by considering stakeholder opinions,
  • Maintaining the successful level of employee loyalty and satisfaction,
  • Carrying out activities to support innovation and climate change strategies,
  • Working with respect toward the community and the environment, creating a healthy and safe work environment and developing preventive approaches against possible occupational diseases and injuries,
  • Reducing the potential negative environmental impacts related to products and operations by conducting lifecycle analyses,
  • Giving priority to energy efficiency in plants, building design and procurement processes,
  • Preventing pollution, reducing waste and ensuring that waste is disposed of with recycling as a priority,
  • Considering possible environmental impacts and occupational health and safety risks during actualization of investments,
  • Informing the community regarding its operations.

All employees at Aygaz A.Ş. are responsible for implementing, developing and ensuring the required resources for the principles of the Integrated Management Systems Policy.

The Integrated Management Systems Policy forms the framework of the Integrated Management Systems, established and maintained to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environment, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety, ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and ISO 50001 Energy standards and related certifications that Aygaz holds.

Aygaz sets annual targets to monitor and evaluate its performance in terms of health, safety, environment and energy, informs relevant departments on these topics and strives to achieve these goals with commitment. These goals are explained in the 2016-2017 Sustainability Report.

The Sustainability Working Group is responsible for monitoring the sustainability-related issues at Aygaz. The Sustainability Working Group consists of Corporate Communications Department, Finance Department, Quality System, HSE-S, Industry Relations Department and Human Resources Department. The Sustainability Working Group also involves all Aygaz business units in its activities when required. Sustainability issues are first reported to the General Manager by the Working Group. The General Manager makes an assessment based on the current agenda and reports the findings to the Board of Directors when necessary.

Aiming to ensure stakeholder participation as part of the sustainability management approach, Aygaz A.Ş. includes the opinions of stakeholders in the Sustainability Report published biannually.

Aygaz Information Security Policy