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The website you are currently visiting and all of the works found on this website belong to Aygaz A.Ş., and the terms of usage for the aforementioned website are specified below. With the exception of press releases, the information and ideas on the website (“Website Information”) was last updated on July 7, 2017 at 18:00 (GMT). Aygaz A.Ş. made every reasonable effort to ensure that the website information found on the internet was accurate on that date. However, Aygaz does not warrant or declare implicitly or explicitly the accuracy or completeness of any information accessed on this website or accessed via hyperlinks and other features on this website. Aygaz reserves the right to make corrections and changes at its sole discretion. The person visiting this page assumes all responsibility regarding decisions made in light of the information found on this website. Aygaz cannot be held responsible of any direct, indirect, private or any other type of damages and losses incurred due to use of this website or any website information, or the use of the same. The statements contained on this website or the referenced documents, especially those regarding expected or forecast performance, costs, dividends, returns, production levels or rates, prices, reserves, disposals, growth of Aygaz or its parent company (Koç Holding), industrial growth, other trend expectations or forecasts, the synergistic advantages of mergers and acquisitions, expected company earnings, are or can be forward-looking statements; thus they are subject to uncertainty and risk. For various reasons, actual results and developments can differ greatly from the statements and opinions contained within this website. The information on this website is not comprehensive. In spite of our best efforts, the information on this website may not be correct or up-to-date, and may not be adaptable to a given condition. Aygaz cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions, and negligence that might be present on this website. You assume all responsibility for decisions made in light of the information on this website. Aygaz accepts no responsibility for any direct, indirect, private or any other type of damages and losses incurred due to use of this website or any website information, or the use of the same. The textual content of this website is not binding on Aygaz since it is not meant to be a proposal or tender under the Code of Obligations.


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Use of Hyperlinks

Aygaz cannot be held responsible of the contents of the websites accessed to reach this website or those accessed from this website.


Like many websites, this website (the terms “website” is used to encompass this website and the websites of business partners) uses cookies for various purposes. The technical communication files called cookies are small text files that this website sends to the user’s computer or cell phone browser.

How are cookies used and for what?

The purpose on this website and the websites of business partners is to provide content, promotions and advertisements tailored to the user and suitable for their areas of interest and needs.

The reason for this is to make the website experience better by blocking unnecessary advertisements that are of no interest to the user. Cookies help us get to know you, which helps us make the website more user-friendly and beneficial for you with content, advertisements and promotions that we think you will be interested in.

1. Cookies may be used on this website and on the websites of other business partners who want to use this application.

2. Cookies can be used to display advertisements and promotions that might be of interest to you when you enter the website, and to determine whether or not you are interested in an advertisement after you see content and advertisements on the website, and whether or not you visited the website of the product or service in question.

3. Cookies can be used to create statistics such as the number of users that visit the website, the type of user, visit frequency, user behavior and habits, and which country the users visited from.

What information is obtained and processed through cookies?

The following can be obtained and processed: which website originated the visit to this Website, and what was the website visited after this one, the geographical location of the users, the reaction to advertising banners on the website, personal information the user voluntarily gives to the Website and the websites of business partners, preferences made on the website, and activity related to the Website and pages of business partners on social media websites. Data obtained from different websites can be combined and processed. Membership information that you provide for the Website and the websites of business partners can be obtained and processed by the Website and business partners for the purposes specified herein. Data is obtained and processed through certain applications from social media websites, so you can find out which data of yours will be processed as part of the approval you provide for the application. You can also block the processing of your personal data to the extent you determine by not giving approval to the application in question.

Blocking the use of cookies:

You can block cookies through your browser, but you may not be able to use some features on the Website if you do. We recommend you look at your browser settings to find out whether or not it allows you to manage cookies. Sharing of data collected with the help of cookies with third parties: The personal and behavioral data collected with the help of cookies and explained in detail above may be shared with business partners and 3rd parties for the purposes specified in this policy. Links to the website and content managed by 3rd parties on the Website may be provided or access may be granted. The Website does not have the authority to check or interfere with content that belong to the 3rd parties. Plugins for platforms that belong to third parties on the website may be used. The information collected when users visit the website may be used by the aforementioned third party platforms. If users visit the website while connected to their accounts on these platforms, the information collected by the website and third parties may be associated. The user data collected for the aforementioned purposes may be combined with data in various marketing programs focused on customer satisfaction of which the user is a member and that belong to the Website or its business partners. The purpose is to provide users with custom service as part of this application and other marketing programs that it is a member of by better understanding the user’s needs. The combined data may be processed for the purposes and with the methods described here and in the membership contract for the marketing program in question. Personal data processed by the Website or 3rd Parties within the scope of this policy may be shared with 3rd Parties from whom service is obtained by the Website or 3rd Parties for the purpose of processing this data and limited to the procurement of these services. 3rd Parties from whom services are obtained may store this data at home or abroad and transfers may be made between data stored at home or abroad. All of the applications specified above in connection with your personal data are only possible if you approve the Participation Agreement prepared for this purpose and provided to you on the Website. Compliance with legal regulations. The Website and its business partners may not take any action that is a violation of the law or falls outside of the purpose specified herein. Your data will be protected with high security measures and your credit card and payment information will not be obtained in any situation. This application will be revised in light of legal developments and brought into compliance with the form and scope specified in the law. The rights of individuals whose personal data are processed include the following: the right to learn whether or not their personal data has been processed, if their data has been processed, information about the same, the purpose of the data processing and whether or not it was used in accordance with the purpose, the identity of 3rd parties to whom data was transferred either at home or abroad, the correction of data if it is incomplete or inaccurate, the deletion or destruction of personal data within the framework of conditions specified in the applicable legislation, requesting that 3rd parties to whom data was transferred be informed provided the correction/deletion/destruction procedures are not impossible or do not require undue effort; the right to object to a result that is not in favor of an individual when the processed data is analyzed by exclusively automatic means and the right to request that damages be remedied if damages were incurred because the data was not processed in accordance with applicable legislation. By visiting this Website, the user grants permission to use cookies within the scope of this policy.