Quality Management

Aygaz implements a wide range of quality control systems to offer products that meet and exceed legal requirements and standards.

The common feature of these systems is "product traceability". All Aygaz products undergo various quality control checks, from the point of production up until they reach the end users.

The quality of the products is analyzed and evaluated in filling facilities according to TS EN 589 and TS 2178 standards. Samples taken from gas stations further ensure product quality prior to delivery to the customer.

Product Quality

Aygaz’s quality standards are aimed at total customer satisfaction, leading the company to develop model practices in the industry. Aygaz adopted the total quality management concept in 1993 and took an important step by setting up a teamwork management system. The primary objective of this system has been to become more competitive and to achieve business objectives.

Further improving its customer-focused approach and ensuring employee participation in quality processes, Aygaz continues to succeed with its innovative solutions. Certified under ISO 9001 Quality Systems for all its operations, Aygaz received the “National Quality Award” in 2001.