The Research and Development efforts at Aygaz focus on bringing innovative solutions to the customers and using state-of-the-art technologies in its processes. Aygaz addresses R&D in three categories: new product development, machine-process development, and alternative fuels. The R&D Center has a team of experts and houses an Engine and Fuel Technologies Laboratory, a Chemicals Laboratory, an Automation and Design Laboratory, an Embedded Systems Laboratory, a Manufacturing Workshop, and Prototype and Test Lines.

Aygaz, a pioneer in the industry in R&D with national and international patents, runs TÜBİTAK-supported projects in collaboration with universities and research institutions. Leading the industry in R&D with 26 national and international patents and 7 designs to its name, Aygaz established the Aygaz R&D Center as a first among the LPG distribution companies in Turkey.

The mission of the R&D Center is to develop new products powered by LPG, improve the quality of LPG products, introduce digitalization through smart products, increase efficiency with automation systems, research alternative and clean energy sources, and contribute to the national economy and the environment as well as consumers.