Delivery Service and Order Taking Personnel Training Program

To provide our customers with safer and better services, training programs are regularly held to improve the knowledge and skills of Aygaz employees. Technical information about LPG is provided during the trainings and employees are given practical training in the safe installation of cylinders. The Delivery Service and Order Taking Personnel that are responsible for the 81 provinces of Turkey are annually provided with regular trainings in the Training Truck. The aim of the training programs is to train service personnel to be respectful to people and the environment, to act according to the principle of customer satisfaction and to ensure that as the Aygaz employees who are at the point of contact with the customers, they adopt the culture, corporate values and vision of Aygaz and become a team that achieves customer loyalty.

Aygaz Dealer Training Program

The aim of the regular trainings that are provided as part of the dealer training program is to improve the business and management skills of the dealership owners. With this training program, a very important change process has been initiated in both the business and private lives of the dealership operators. The aim of the training program is to ensure that the dealers adopt the principle of customer satisfaction, comprehend the importance of being a team and treat their employees as members of a family responsible for maintaining the integrity of business life.

Customer Training Program

In addition to dealership personnel trainings, regular customer trainings are also given at the locations visited by the Training Truck throughout the year in order to ensure that customers use cylinders properly and safely and to improve their level of product knowledge and awareness.

Transportation and Tanker Operators Training Program

The aim of this training program is to ensure that cylinder gas transportation and tanker operators have advanced driving skills, technical knowledge, respect, responsibility and awareness and that they comprehensively adopt the culture, corporate values and vision of the institution they represent. The operators in the Aygaz tanker fleet are provided with Anti-Skid and Roll-Over trainings in order to be equipped with the necessary skills for the safe operation of the vehicles, as well as internal training programs and trainings required by the governing regulations.