Who is Aygaz in brief?
Founded in 1961, Aygaz is the first and largest company of the Koç Group to operate in the LPG industry. Aygaz supplies, stocks, fills, distributes and sells LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), provides after-sales services, and manufactures LPG-powered devices and accessories for national and international markets. Since its establishment, Aygaz has been committed to offering the best products and services, and achieving total customer satisfaction. The company has been the leader of the LPG industry since its foundation. Aygaz is the first and only publicly-held LPG company in Turkey.
What is Aygaz’s ownership structure?
Koç Grubu : % 51,21
Liquid Petroleum Gas Development Co.: % 24,52
Publicly held: 24.27%
When did Aygaz go public?
Aygaz A.Ş. has been established as a publicly held corporation, and its shares have been traded in the Borsa Istanbul since the stock exchange’s formation.
On which exchanges does Aygaz trade? What is Aygaz’s ticker symbol?
Aygaz shares are traded on Borsa Istanbul (BIST) with the symbol AYGAZ. Aygaz shares’ Reuters code is AYGAZ.IS, and Bloomberg code is AYGAZ.TI.
What are the basic pillars of Aygaz’s strategy?
In addition to the Company’s vision and mission, its strategic goals have also been determined and are submitted for the information of all stakeholders through various channels. Annual targets are determined and set out for the Company management by the Board of Directors in accordance with these goals and divided among all levels. Both the Board of Directors and relevant committees are regularly briefed regarding the realization of the given targets and the developments.

Sustain its market leadership in LPG through;
Product differentiation and innovation for autogas
Further penetration by opening new autogas stations
Growth prospects for cylinder gas in rural Turkey

Utilize and enhance its asset portfolio through;
New acquisitions, mergers, and investments in Turkey and abroad
Profit generating opportunities
What are the main competitive advantages of Aygaz?
The main competitive advantages of Aygaz are:

• Strong sales and logistics network
• Consistent market leadership
• Brand power
• Financial strength
• Diversification in energy investments
• Long-term strategy building
• Rapid adaptation to changes
What is the paid-up capital of Aygaz?
Aygaz has a paid-up capital of TL 300,000,000.
Does Aygaz have a credit rating?
SAHA Kurumsal Yönetim ve Kredi Derecelendirme Hizmetleri A.Ş. degreed the (National) long-term credit rating score of our company as (TR) AAA, (National), and the short-term credit rating score as (TR) A1+, and determined its appearance as stabile on July 1, 2016.
What is the composition of the Aygaz Board of Directors?
The Aygaz Board of Directors is composed of nine members, three of whom are independent. Backgrounds of the Board members and detailed information on the Committees within the Board can be found in the “Investor Relations” section of the Company website.
What is Aygaz’s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility?
Aygaz regards it as its corporate social responsibility to provide the utmost support in all matters of interest to its stakeholders.

Like all other members of the Koç Group, Aygaz desires to be a brand name recognized for the close relationships it has with its customers and implements projects needed by society.

In its corporate social responsibility efforts, Aygaz acts in accordance with the following principles: stakeholder approval, sustainability and provision of real benefit.

Aygaz conducts corporate reputation research once every two years for the purpose of measuring stakeholder expectations, perceptions and the company’s reputation. In light of data obtained from this research, Aygaz realizes social responsibility projects in the areas of education, healthcare, environment and arts/culture.
To whom can investors direct their queries?
Requests for information may be made to the Aygaz Investor Relations unit.

Tel: +90 (212) 354 16 59
Fax: +90 (212) 288 31 51
E-mail: selin.sanver@aygaz.com.tr

Tel: +90(212) 354 15 10
E-mail: sebnem.yucel@aygaz.com.tr

Address: Büyükdere Caddesi. No:145-1
Zincirlikuyu 34394 İstanbul Turkey