Company Profile

Leading LPG Distributor of Turkey
Our Company is carrying the leadership flag in LPG sector since its foundation with both its sales volume and
market share figures in cylinder, autogas and bulk segments.
Diversified Participation Portfolio in Energy
Our Company is going forward in line with its vision and misson together with its participations who are offering solutions in different fields of energy like natural gas, power generation and refinery.

Sustain its market leadership in LPG by;

Investing in the future with the responsibility of being the industry’s highly reputable, reliable and consumer-oriented brand,

Prioritizing high safety standards and product quality,

Developing innovative products and services with solutions that place innovation and digitalization at the core.

Ensure sustainable growth to move its current position forward by:

Following and seizing opportunities for mergers, acquisitions and investments at home and abroad,

Improving efficiency in all processes from sourcing to selling LPG,

Aiming to create value for all stakeholders.