Executive Committee

Rahmi M. Koç
Rahmi M. Koç completed his graduate studies in Industrial Management at Johns Hopkins University in the USA. He began his career at Koç Group in 1958 at Otokoç and held various senior positions at Koç Holding. After serving as Chairman of the Executive Committee starting from 1980, he was appointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Koç Holding A.Ş. in 1984. 
He has been carrying out his duties as Koç Holding Honorary President since 2003. Serving as the President of the International Chamber of Commerce from 1995 to 1996. Rahmi M. Koç carries out duties such as Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Vehbi Koç Foundation, Honorary Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Koç University, Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Rahmi M. Koç Museum and Cultural Foundation, Chairman of the Board of the Vehbi Koç Foundation American Hospital, Honorary Chairman and Founding Member of TURMEPA (The Turkish Marine and Environment Protection Association), Honorary President of the High Advisory Council of Turkish Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association, Member of the Advisory Board of the Turkish Employers Association, Honorary Member of the Foreign Policy Association, Honorary Member of NY Metropolitan Museum Board of Trustees and Founder Member of Global Relations Forum. He serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aygaz A.Ş. since 1996.
Ömer M. Koç

Ömer M. Koç received his B.A. degree from Columbia University in 1985. He worked at Kofisa Trading for one year. He completed his MBA at Columbia University in 1989. Mr. Koç worked at Ramerica International Inc. and then he joined Koç Group in 1990 and held various senior positions such as Manager at Gazal A.Ş., Financial Coordinator, Vice President and President of Energy Group at Koç Holding.  


He became a Member of the Board of Directors of Koç Holding in 2004, and served as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors in 2008. On February 22, 2016, he was appointed as the Chairman of Koç Holding. He is also the Chairman of Turkish Educational Foundation Board of Trustees, Chairman of Koç University Board of Trustees, President of Geyre Foundation, Chairman of Yapı Kredi Culture, Arts and Publishing Board of Directors, and Chairman of Tüpraş Board of Directors. Ömer M. Koç has been on the Board of Directors at Aygaz A.Ş. since 1996, and has been the Vice Chairman since 2001.

Ali Y. Koç
He graduated from Rice University in Business Administration and completed his MBA degree at Harvard Business School. He attended the American Express Bank Management Trainee program between 1990 and 1991 and worked as an analyst at Morgan Stanley Investment Bank between 1992 and 1994. He held various senior positions at Koç Holding such as the New Business Development Coordinator and President of the Information Technology Group between 1997 and 2006. He was the President of the Corporate Communications and Information Technology Group between 2006 and 2010. He has been a member of Koç Holding Board of Directors since 30 January 2008 and was named Vice Chairman on February 22, 2016.
Alexandre F. J. Picciotto

Alexandre Picciotto is one of the grandsons of Mr. Hillel Picciotto who established Aygaz in 1961 with Mr. Vehbi Koç. After graduating from Ecole Supérieure de Gestion (Paris) in1990, he started his career in Orfim, the investment company of his family in Paris, France. From 1990 to 2003, he managed different subsidiaries operating in various fields including real estate, movie industry.  


In 2003, he was appointed General Manager at Liquid Petroleum Gas Development Company, the Picciotto family owned company, which is shareholder of Aygaz. Then he was appointed General Manager at Orfim in 2008. Mr. Picciotto is also member of the board of directors at various companies in both Turkey and France. He has been serving on the Aygaz Board of Directors since July 2012.

Caroline N. Koç

After graduating from high school at Switzerland’s St. George’s School, Ms. Koç went on to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Babson College, USA. Ms. Koç started her professional career in 1992 at Edwards of Hisar, where she acted as the managing director until 1998. Subsequently, she founded “İlkadım Play and Education Center for Kids” in 1998. She was the acting manager of the Center until 2003. She is the founder and the current Chairwoman of “Haremlique Istanbul” and “Selamlique Turkish Coffee” brands since 2008. Ms. Koc has always been an active contributor to philanthropic organizations. She is the Chairwoman of Turkish Family Health and Planning Foundation, a Board Member at Tohum Autism Foundation, a Founding Member of Tina Foundation and a Founding Member of the Contemporary Education Foundation.